Monday, January 31, 2011

Super Bowl Menu Ideas

Hosting a Super Bowl party and need some inspiration as to what to serve? Just as the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers are revving up their engines for this Sunday's Super Bowl, it too is time to rev up your creative juices and start planning that menu. Best advice I can give when planning a Super Bowl party is to keep it super low key. It's football for God's sake. There's no reason to make it some fancy-shmancy event. Although it's easy to get wrapped up in finding matching plates and cute cupcake toppers, keep in mind that as long as you have chips, dips and unlimited beer, your party is a smashing success.

It's also important to keep in mind that not everything has to be homemade. Major pet peeve of mine is the expectation that if you're having guests over it all has to be made from scratch. As if it qualifies us as being a better person. Get over it.

Below I've put together five different menu options that won't have you slaving for days in the kitchen;

Menu Option 1: Southern

Appetizers -
Vegetable platter with hummus dip & Ranch dressing
Pita chips with Spinach dip

Main Course -
Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Corn on the cob

Dessert -
Texas Sheet Cake

*If this were my party, I'd buy the Veggie platter, Stacy's Pita Chips, Hummus, Spinach Dip, Pork and Corn from Costco.

Menu Option 2: Mexican

Appetizer -
Tortilla chips with 7-layer dip and Guacamole

*If it were my party, depending on the size, I'd probably have the Enchiladas and Spanish Rice catered from a local Mexican restaurant.

Menu Option #3: Italian

Appetizer -
Cheese & Cracker platter with dried fruit and nuts

Main Course -
Caesar Salad
French Bread

Dessert -

*If it were my party, I'd buy the Cheese & Cracker platter from Whole Foods, the Caesar Salad, Lasagna and French Bread from Costco.

Menu Option 4: Lightweight

Appetizer -
Shrimp platter with Cocktail Sauce
Cheese and Crackers platter

Main Course -
Sandwich Platter
Fruit Salad


*If it were my party, I'd buy the Shrimp platter and Fruit Salad at Costco and the Cheese & Cracker platter and the Sandwich platter from Whole Foods. Or Subway for the sandwiches.

Menu Option #5: All-American

Appetizer -
Assorted chips with Cheese & Bean Dip
Buffalo Wings

Main Dish -
Green Salad

Dessert -
Apple Pie

*If it were my party, I'd have the Buffalo Wings, Chili and Cornbread catered from a local BBQ restaurant. And would order the pies from Costco.

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