Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 TRENDS: New Year, New Hair

In need of some styling help? Wondering what's the latest hair trends? I'll speak for myself and answer YES! Since 1998, I've had super short hair. It was easy. Different. I loved it. And secretly I didn't mind the attention it brought me. I was constantly stopped by gasping comments like, "OH MY GOSH, you're hair is to die for!" Or women insisting that they could never wear such a cut, only fishing to hear, "No you totally could!!" During my long journey to get pregnant with baby #2 however, I decided that I wasn't going to cut my hair until I was pregnant. Some idea that was. Not only did I go through the emotional roller coaster of unexplained infertility, I had a mop of hair in that terribly ugly grow out stage. You can only imagine the level of self confidence I had. Yeah - none.

But I pushed through and here I sit, many months later, with a baby in my belly and long(er) hair. Although I thought I would for sure chop my hair after the pregnancy news, I grew to like the change. Although...I now stand in the mirror wondering what the heck to do with it all. Besides a quick blow dry and a little product, I haven't had to really do my hair in the last 12 years. Like most moms, I toss it back in a pony-tail more often than not - something I said I would never fall victim to. Lesson learned - never say never.

So for my own personal style boost, I decided to do a little research on the upcoming hair trends. With the help of Marie Claire magazine, here are six hair trends for 2011. I love that all these are no fuss ways for achieve a fresh look.
1) Short & straight - The hair I am rockin' now. Shoulder length hair styled with a flat iron/hair straightener is always a staple look and easy to wear and manage throughout the year. After doing a poll on Facebook, I learned that the CHI flat iron is the must-own in order to acheive this look. Just think Olivia Palermo and you're headed in the right direction.

2) Wavy - Messy. Natural. This is super easy and will remain a hot style throughout 2011. To obtain the sexy bed-head look, just spritz a few pumps of styling spray into your locks and scrunch with your hands. Wah-la, instant Heidi Klum.

3) Low bun - Instead of new heights, take your 2011 hair to a new low with this Kim Kardashian look. Sleek and polished, this up-do sits at the nape of your neck. Just knot and go.

4) Low ponytail - You can wear this sleek and simple or curly and messy like Jessica Biel. Either way, you can rock this look for a corporate dinner or playing at the park with your kids.

5) Woven locks - Loose low braids. Or tiny braids along the hairline. Either way, you want this look to be laid-back and shabby chic.

6) Side part - Severe. Extreme. And innocently cute. This is a great way to have a new look for no bucks. Just comb it over and you're on your way.

I don't know about you but I'm excited to try out these new looks. I'm lovin' the low pony, braids and side part. The loose and messy isn't my style. Although I wish it was.

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