Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It never fails that the night you're wearing your favorite shirt, something goes SPLAT - making it's way across your chest screaming, "look at the messy idiot!" Stains can be stubbornly time consuming and sometimes not worth the effort but before you throw that shirt away, you must try ZOUT. This brings Spray and Wash, Shout and Oxy Clean to their knees. And yes, for as much as I love the Clorox Bleach Pen, this kicks it's butt too. For only $2.99 at Target, it is excellent in removing stubborn stains and grease spots. What I found works best is if you spray it directly onto the spot, give it a little "dab" and let it soak into the garment for a little bit. After it's had time to soil into the fabric (leaving it overnight won't hurt the fabric), send it through a hot wash cycle and see spot run!!!

Quick tips for effective stain removal:

1) Best to attack the stain from the back of the fabric . This will prevent the stain from spreading deeper into the fabric.

2) Use a "dabbing" motion rather than a rubbing one, working from the outside in, when applying the remover.

3) For non-greasy stains, immediately use cold water to try and treat it. Hot water tends to set the stain.

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