Thursday, January 13, 2011


In the market for a new vacuum but don't have deep enough pockets to splurge on the $500 ever-so-fabulous Dyson? Then this might just be your lucky day! Yes, I'm all about a deal but I normally wouldn't alert you of a $50 savings on any random product. The ORECK vacuum is not just any ol' product in my book hence this out of the norm 2nd post of the day. And the clock is ticking...

Between now and January 16th (yes, you only have 3 days!!!), Costco is currently offering a $50 discount on the Oreck XL Pro Plus II vacuum with handheld vac. It comes with eight additional bags, one spare belt, a three-year warranty and two free tune-ups. The included handheld vacuum comes with eight attachments and 12 extra bags. For $249.99 this is a great deal!

So why my love affair with the Oreck? If you're ever flipping aimlessly through late night television (and I'm talking late night where all they show is informercial after infomercial) and come across the Oreck commerical - stop. You might just see ME!! Yep, I made my big television debut on an Oreck informercial. Unfortunately I got so tongue-tied during my lines, that I got promoted to "model status," aka - vacuum one spot, pause, and smile. Now pick up the vacumm, pause, and smile. All that hard work and I got a free $600 Oreck vacuum. Being the neat freak that I am, I was stoked.

Having owned "Finishing Touch," a cleaning company that specialized in large, new construction condomium buildings in my previous life, I know vacuums. I've used a million and one crappy vacuums. Heavy vacuums. Vacuums that don't suck. Vacuums built for the brains of Albert Einstein. You name it and I've probably had a few choice words with it. I was super anxious to see how the Oreck compared. If you can't afford the Dyson (or a Electrolux or Miele for that matter) and want a vacuum that will stand the test of time, I highly recommend the Oreck upright. It's very lightweight, super simple to use, has great suction power and has a low profile head so it's easy to get under hard to reach places like coffee tables and beds. Simply put - vacuuming has never been this easy and effortless before.

My only beef with the Oreck is that the bar brush can not be shut off therefore you run the risk of scratching your solid floors. This vacuum is best used on carpet only. And because there is no hose attached, you have to use the handheld vac to do the edge cleaning between the carpet and the baseboards or furniture. If you don't like the idea of a two vacuum set-up and/or have lots of solid floors, this isn't the vacuum for you. If all you need is a durable, powerful vacuum for your carpets, I give this one two-thumbs UP!

To read more about the benefits and features of the Oreck XL Pro Plus II, click here. Most Costco's will be carrying this in their warehouses but call first to double check.

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