Friday, January 14, 2011


Ok so I am going to try something new in addition to my Friday post. FANCY FRIDAY is all YOU - I want to know about something that "tickles your fancy." I tell you everyday about the things I love, my fabulous finds, etc. Now it's your turn. I want to hear what my readers like, want, and desire. Maybe it's a new blog you can't stop reading. A new delicious frozen yogurt flavor you discovered. A fabulous new scarf you just bought. A trip you want to take. Maybe you did a craft with your kids that they loved or maybe it's something funny your daughter said. Whatever it is this week that made you happy, I want to hear about it.

Now I know I just said it was about you but I got so excited to share my fancy new project with y'all. I did this thing on Facebook last week called "Pay it forward" where I promised to send something homemade to the first five people that left a comment. I honestly couldn't believe I agreed to do it. Me and "homemade" are like vinegar and water. There was a part of me that seriously contemplated heading to the Whole Foods bakery to snag something that looked like it came straight from the oven. Then I remembered that Whole Foods looks more like Martha Stewart than Hailey Dawson. So my only other option was to get crafty. Yikes. There again, I am not a crafter. This made me really wonder, what the hell AM I good at?? Then my idea struck me - I was going to make homemade Thank You cards. I am a huge fan of handwritten notes. Despite the million e-card options online, I will never let the handwritten thank you note die. I figured this was a good representation of me and best of all - there was no cutting, sewing, or directions to follow. I headed to Paper Source, picked out some flat cards, envelopes, and stickers. Then headed to Walmart to get some matching ribbon to hold the bundle together. Cute. Simple. Easy. I had no expectation that these would bring such a fat smile to my face. Fancy that!

Now it's your turn. You don't have to go into great detail if you don't want. It can be one word. A link. Anything. I can't wait to hear what tickles your fancy!! TGIF!


  1. Love your blog, Hailey! Here's another one I fancy:

  2. Going home on a 3-day weekend to enjoy crab and wine and play with my baby boy... no combination could make me happier! Happy Weekend Hailey!

  3. Love your posts, Hailey! Here's one of my favorite blogs - that makes me think fancy even when I'm in my pajamas!

  4. Love your blog! Tons of good stuff! This may sounds lame, but I thought of your blog last week when my husband (who I am pretty sure is OCD) showed me a trick - I swiffer the kitchen floor at least 3 times a week (one baby + 2 dogs + company = yuk!) and he was still finding dog hair floating on the laminate floor. So, he sets the vacuum on hard surface, turns off the lights and vacuums with just the light on the machine. It works great! you can see so much (may be good or bad....) - hopefully not TMI :)

    Great theater and activity tickets. We have purchased theater tickets for $35 and sat next to others who paid $100!!! Great customer service too.
    Happy three day!!!

  6. Awesome - love it ladies!! I'm so happy to hear you enjoy the blog.