Friday, January 28, 2011


I'm not a real "pamper yourself" type of girl but I do enjoy a relaxing trip to the nail salon when I can actually break away for a little me-time. Especially when you can sip wine and buy extra massage time. I've always been a pedi girl though - never a mani. I'm a nail biter and until I can kick the habit, they just aren't worth spending money on.

But O.P.I's "You Don't Know Jacques" ($8.50/Planet Beauty) might have just ended my 20 year habit. To prolong my sacred time away from Chase, laundry and the computer, I had them paint my stubby fingernails. At that moment, a choir of angels belted out a loud Hallelujah! "You Don't Know Jacques" is amazing! I would seriously paint my entire body in this color. Little did I know at the time that this particular color was named one of Lucky magazine's "Top 10 Beauty Products of the Past Decade." Apparently it's that new "Greige" color everyone is raving about - a mix of grey and beige that goes with everything.

But if only I met Jacques years ago - maybe I would have been able to keep my fingers out of my mouth. I guess there's no better time than now to kick the habit. It's on. Thanks O.P.I.

**New to Hailey's Helpful Hints and wondering what is FANCY FRIDAY? I want to know what tickles your fancy; meaning tell me about something this week that made you smile. Something you liked, something you saw. Something you want or desire. It can be a new book you've started. A dinner recipe. A new pair of earrings you bought. An act of kindness. A craft project. There are no rules to what puts a smile on your face. And what makes you happy, makes me happy!

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