Monday, January 17, 2011

Did you know??

...that bed bugs are a serious - I'm talking serious - problem? And not just for hotel rooms in New York. In YOUR bed; in the depths of YOUR furniture. Ewww. This infestation problem has been sweeping the nation and unfortunately is a much larger issue than what we all think. From an news article written last week on, one in five Americans have had an issue with bed bugs or know someone who has. And it's not just low-income families either. Bed bugs don't care about wealth. These tiny little insects, about the size of a grain of rice, will find a place to breed and nest no matter if it's clean or dirty. All bed bugs need to survive is YOU and your blood. They can live exclusively off the blood of humans while you are asleep. Grossed out yet?? O.M.G. After five minutes of feeding the bug will burrow back into it's hiding place and wait to feed again or grow their family in the crevices of your home.

Here are some alarming statistics about bed bugs according to the National Pest Management Association:

  • Bed bugs have increased 81% since 2000
  • 67% of Pest Control companies have been called to treat hotels/motels
  • 76% of Pest Control companies claim that bed bugs are the most difficult pest to remove
  • 90% of companies have treated homes and/or apartments
  • 4-5% of companies have treated laundry mats and movie theaters
  • Since 2006, the money spent eradicating bed bugs has nearly doubled, topping 250 million dollars
  • A female bed bug can produce over 400 offspring

But how do bed bugs get in YOUR house? Anything you bring into your house from outside could be carrying bed bugs. Luggage from a hotel, your child's backpack that comes in contact with another child's bag. They will hitch a ride on anyone. Again it has nothing to do with sanitation although there are some preventive measures you can take explained below. Bed bugs can enter between holes, tubes, pipes, etc. Even a bird can carry bed bugs. The biggest indicator of bed bugs present in your home are small red bumps or welts on your skin. They can sometimes take up to nine days to become visible and bed bugs will usually always bite in a row and are very itchy. For some, you might develop an allergic reaction to their saliva. Unfortunately about 50% of people that have been bitten don't show any symptoms at all. Hence how they can multiply so easily.

If you sense you have bed bug activity lurking in your home, immediately look carefully in the creases of the bed linens, seams of mattresses and box springs for bugs and eggs. The eggs will look like tiny, pale poppy seeds. Other places to look for signs of bed bug activity is in the corner of desks and dressers, in drawers and in laundry.

Three ways to keep bed bugs at a minimum in your house is 1) Remove clutter. Piles and excess stuff laying around are perfect places for them to hide and multiple 2) Wash your sheets frequently in super hot water and 3) vacuum often and very thoroughly especially around furniture and in corners where they tend to camp out. And if you do have a known problem, call a Pest Control company immediately.

Rest assured that bed bugs do not carry disease. They are just gross, annoying and will take a lot of time and patience to get ride of them. Do you know anyone with a bed bug problem??


  1. Given our family business, this is a big eipdemic. Justin and I have the bed bug sniffing dog come through our house about once a quarter just to identify if we've brought the creatures home. When we come home from a trip, we keep our suitcases quaratined if you will - far away from the bed and the closet. Any clothes that go into our suitcases, never return to the closet or dresser without first being washed. A quick treatment to help prevent bed bugs (works in the warmer climates year round) is to keep your suitcase in your car for at least four hours parked in the sun with the windows sealed - heat over 120 degrees kills the bugs. Also, if you have a steamer, you can steam your clothes/bedding. When in a hotel, keep suitcase on metal/wood/tile surfaces, as opposed to the closet, couch, or bed.

    1. Bed bugs are very bad in Ohio l get the goose bumps just thinking about IT!!!!

  2. Super advice Angela!! Thanks for sharing. You are definitely a credible source!!

  3. my roommate and I had them entered into our brand-new furniture. At first, I thought I was imagining it, but when i started getting the itchy welts, that sinked it for us. Now they are everywhere. I have been trying to find a exterminator free way of getting rid of the little buggers (pun intended), but to no avail. the bed is easy to take care of, but the now year old couches are going to have to go (they are brown so the bugs are hard to see, and microsuede, so who knows where they hide). *sigh* and on top of it, am getting sick. i sneeze all the time, don't know if it's from the bites, the blood from when they get squished, or the soap solution I use to kill them in batches. Oh btw, this is in Phoenix AZ