Friday, January 7, 2011


It's the new year and possibly a new you. Maybe a goal of yours is to become more handy. Become more ambitious. Maybe you want to save money around the house by trying to figure things out before rushing to call for help. My husband has always been a "Do It Yourself" type of guy. D.I.Y. - get it now? But he does acknowledge that there are just some things that just don't make financial sense to do them yourself. In addition to the cost of materials, you need to factor in your time (and frustration) and weigh out if it's really worth it to DIY.

With the new year comes new projects. Before you decide to tackle them yourself or hire someone to save the day, you need to check out this awesome website - This free web tool allows you to search for a project and find out the relative cost (specific to your zip code) and the time it would take to do it yourself compared to hiring a professional. The site's database also provides information for more than 300 home projects, like repainting cabinets and installing a dimmer switch. And if offers basics instructions and a list of the supplies you'll need if you decide to tackle the task on your own.

For your WEEKEND WARRIOR CHALLENGE, I encourage you to list out all your potential home projects and analyze which projects are worth nagging your husband to complete and which warrant hiring a professional.

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