Tuesday, October 19, 2010

QUICK TIP: Yummy guacamole in minutes

I was recently with some girlfriends that had never heard of the quick and easy Guacamole packet. I was literally tongue -tied so I thought I would blog about this in case you too are missing out. If you're a "Foodie" and prefer to have all fresh ingredients from the local Farmer's Market, this may not be the Quick Tip you are looking for but trust me, in a pinch this too could become your best friend. Now I know summer is over but who doesn't love chips and guacamole any time of the year? It seems like everyone I talk to has some A-mazing guacamole recipe. But who honestly has all those ingredients laying around? Especially when you get a random knock on the door from the neighbors that just popped by to say hi. Of course you are going to invite them in and then stress the entire time that you have nothing to serve them. Fret no more. The Guac packet to the rescue.

All you need is a few avocados (and yes they are available year round) and the packet. I believe the best ratio is 2 avocados to 1 packet of mix. Peel, pit and mash the avocados, mix it together with the dry packet and ta-da - you have yourself some tasty guac in minutes! I personally like the "McCormick - Great Guacamole" in mild. I've taste tested a few other brands and I promise you, McCormick's is top shelf. Listen to me...do NOT buy Lawrys. I know for certain you can find McCormick at Von's/Safeway for like $1.00 which is soooo much cheaper than buying a tomato, an onion, a lime, some cilantro, maybe some chile peppers, and the expensive spices to boot - cumin, cayenne, garlic. And besides saving money, you save TIME with the packet. Do you realize that a majority of those special ingredients need to be "finely chopped?" No thanks.

One tip I do recommend is squeezing a little lemon or lime juice in the dip so it keeps it from turning brown too quickly. But don't use too much - you don't want it to taste more like citrus than avocado. Another trick is keeping the seed/pit in the dip. Not sure why that helps but it does. If for some reason you don't devour the dip in one sitting, put a piece of plastic wrap on the top of the guacamole and press it down so it's touching the top of the dip. Air causes oxidation so the more you cover the longer it will stay green. But remember, discoloration doesn't mean it's no longer edible. It just looks nasty. Guacamole dip can last up to 2 days in the refrigerator.
Dig in and enjoy!!!!!!

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