Monday, October 11, 2010

Question: What would you recommend for a dresser top diaper organizer?

The first thing to remember is that the changing table isn't solely for diaper changing. It's the place where you might lather your baby with lotion after a bath, where you put his/her clothes on, where you apply medicine, where you could possibly cut their toenails. The changing table is a place where you will want all the essentials handy. Being the Type A person that I am, I need my essentials to not only be handy but ORGANIZED. I personally am not a fan of a basket. I think a basket screams chaos. I like compartments. I don't like to dig around. I like things to have a place. And for that I recommend the "Prince Lionheart - Dresser Top Diaper Depot." This organizer is lightweight, takes up limited space on the dresser top and is clear in color which matches with ANY nursery theme. It's also inexpensive in price but not cheap in quality. The Diaper Depot includes 2 roomy diaper compartments that will hold up to 16-20 disposable diapers. What I love about the 2 separate compartments is that I can put day-time diapers on one side and the night-time diapers on the other. Genius. It also includes a large flat area for the baby wipes (either regular wipes or the Prince Lionheart wipe warmer unit). It also has 2 removable side bins that will hold all the necessities; lotion, diaper rash creme, thermometer, nail clippers, Q-tips, etc. Nothing is worse that fumbling around looking for something while your naked child is about to roll off the changing table. Eliminate this problem with the Dresser Top Diaper Depot. It's simple, easy to clean and will keep your changing area clutter-free which will save you time and an unpleasant changing experience.

The "Prince Lionheart - Dresser Top Diaper Depot" can be purchased at Babies"R"Us or Target for $14.99
or Walmart for $12.48 . Note that not every store will carry them in stock. Prices may vary.
Hope this helps!! Best of luck on your search.

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