Sunday, October 17, 2010


I apologize to y'all that went on a hunt trying to find the "Jane - MaxLash 2 Mascara & Primer" I raved about in my mascara post. Can I tell you how happy it makes me that you're 1) actually reading my blog and 2) taking me up on my advice! I felt so bad after I received a few "I can't find the Primer" emails that I set out on a wild goose chase, with Chase (my 2 year old) in tow. Unfortunately I discovered that Walgreens has stopped carrying Jane products. After a quick stop at Rite-Aid, CVS Pharmacy, Target and Wal-mart, I am sad to say that Walmart is the only retailer that carries Jane products. Good news is that it's actually CHEAPER at Walmart ($4.24). But what isn't cheaper at Walmart?? I snagged the last one on the shelf today so that tells me others LOVE this product as much as I do. If for some reason you refuse to walk into Walmart or just don't have one close to you, there are a few other alternatives at your local drugstores. L'oreal has the "Double Extend" and Revlon has the "Lash Fantasy - Total Definition." Depending on the store, these both retail anywhere from $10-$13. Not as great of savings but still far less than the $24 you're gonna spend on one tube of designer mascara. I have tried both the L'oreal and Revlon in the past but for the results and the price, it's worth a drive to Walmart for the "Jane MaxLash 2."
Side note for all my Walmart haters: Yes, it's a massive retailer that has the potential to put out small mom and pop stores. Yes, it carries some crap. Yes, their staff is usually no help. Yes, it's usually overly crowded with people that have no concept of personal space. And yes, it's not "cool" to say you shop at Walmart. BUT - hands down, they have the best prices. And in my household, saving money is cool. Sure if you buy the Walmart brand you're gonna get what you pay for but they do carry most all name brand products at a greater discount than places like Target or a drugstore. Diapers, DVD's, toothpaste, batteries - guaranteed you'll come out money ahead. Their home section is less than desirable but they do have an awesome ribbon section which is over 1/2 the cost than Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics. Maybe when you go pick up the MaxLash 2 Primer, you'll browse around and see that it's not all that bad.


  1. Hailey
    Did you just start this? It's so fun - way to put yourself out there and thanks for sharing! Lindsay

  2. Hey Lindsay ~ Thanks! I'm just trying to keep it real. :) Yes, I did just start this a few weeks ago. Kinda random but I'm having lots of fun with it.