Wednesday, October 20, 2010

FASHION TREND: The skinny on jeans

I am a jean girl. Seven For All Mankind are still - hands down - my all time favorite. I love their versatility. They look equally great with a hot stiletto or a Converse sneaker. I think at one point, I had like 20+ pairs of jeans (Heavens not all 7's). Of course however I had my 4 favorites that I wore over and over again. They began to feel like sweatpants they were so soft. But now that I'm a big girl and my mom doesn't pay for my shopping sprees anymore (tear), I got a little more realistic on how much I am willing to spend on a pair of jeans. I found this awesome brand, VIGOSS, in the BP section at Nordstrom. They have a fabulous selection of different styles and washes and you can't beat $58.00 for a pair of jeans these days. I think I even saw online that some are on sale RIGHT now for $27.90-$35.90. Get on that!!

Sadly since we've moved to Southern California I don't get to wear my jeans as much as I would like. And after having my first child and now being pregnant again, I have a limited selection that actually fit anymore. I'm not gonna lie - I've done a terrible job over the last few years staying up-to-the-minute with the latest jean trends. I can't seem to part with the flare/boot-cut look. Do I care? Not one bit but there's no denying that the skinny jean tops the charts these days. I however am not one that has jumped on the skinny jean bandwagon. What was that...Did I hear a gasp??? Yep in my massive collection of jeans, I don't own one pair of skinny jeans. They look awful on my 5'4" athletic build. The last thing I need is the nickname "Stumpy" in my 30's. Plus my husband hates flats. And beside the knee-high boot, the flat is the next hip alternative to pair with the skinny jean. Looks like I'm SOL.
If you too aren't too hot on the whole skinny jean craze, here are a few other 2010 fall/winter chic denim alternatives:

1) STRAIGHT SLOUCH JEAN: 1/2 boyfriend jean, 1/2 mom jean, the new straight slouchy style is perfect for all you ladies who want a slightly more tailored pair of blues that still feel like you've had them your whole life.

Above, from left: Madewell Skinny Boyfriend Jeans, $98.50, See by ChloƩ Slung-Loose Jeans, $320, Levi's Boyfriend Skinny Jean, $68, A.P.C. Pioneer Jeans, $310.

2) REVAMPED 70's STYLE JEAN: A more streamlined '70s-inspired style that ranges from crisp trouser cuts to a more modified boot-cut. Ok so maybe I am kinda still in style. :)
Above, from left: Banana Republic Dark Wash Boot-Cut Jeans, $59.50, Balmain fall 2010 runway look, Gap 1969 Sexy Boot Jeans, $59.50.

3) CROPPED 50's STYLE JEAN: In slim straight cuts, dark washes, and with zippered ankles, the new mid-century pedal-pusher jean is pretty much what Betty Draper wanted to wear but never could.

Above, from left: Isabel Marant fall 2010 runway photom, Isabel Marant fall 2010 campaign photo; BDBG Cigarette Jeans, $54, MiH Paris Jeans, $228, J. Crew Ankle Stretch Toothpick Jeans, $125.

If you're wondering what color denim - anything goes this winter. 80's acid washed, super light blue/almost white wash, faded, colored (grey, black, purple), patch work, dark indigo washes. Go with the one you like!


  1. I am laughing so hard right now b/c my hubby also hates flats! I own one pair of skinny jeans which are his least favorite of all (and secretly mine too)! I think I'm also just a true blue flair/boot cut/heels girl!!

  2. Maybe it's a WA thing. Heels for life!