Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last & final PRIMER update

My mom just called from Tacoma, WA and was excited to report that she found the Jane MaxLash 2 Mascara & Primer at RITE-AID!!! Unfortunately in CA, I searched two Rite-Aids by my house and still came up short. The Jane Cosmetic website shows that the two stores I went to should be a Retailer of Jane products too. Weird. I'm also not convinced that all Walmarts carry the Jane line either. Had I known this would be this hard, I would have not got you so excited about it. Sorry.

Click on this link and you should be able to find a Store nearest you that carries the Jane MaxLash -

If you still can't find it and you are set on trying out the Jane MaxLash over the alternatives I provided in my 1st Primer update (L'oreal or Revlon), you can purchase it on the Jane website - - for $12.30 ($6.35 + $5.95 shipping). Which is close to the same as what the L'oreal and Revlon retail for in the drugstores.

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