Friday, October 29, 2010


Mindful: adj - attentive, aware or careful.

The "season" is officially upon us. Which season you ask? Oh, you know exactly what I am talking about. The HOLIDAYS. Deep sigh. It's the infamous time of year where all bikinis and bets are off. Where we come up with every excuse in the book as to why we can't exercise. It is a very dangerous time for the health-conscious and waist-watchers. It first starts with those addicting, festive, pumpkin-flavored lattes (with a sugar content similar to that of a King size Butterfinger) and then the true beginning of the madness begins: Halloween.

Halloween is that super sneaky holiday. You think it's for the kids but it's just as tempting to us adults. Those cute, bite-size, harmless treats become so irresistible. One leads to five and next thing you know, you’re shoveling your way out of a mountain of wrappers. Don’t get me wrong. I am not painting sweets to be the devil. I love candy. And so does the baby in my belly. And if I could enjoy a "Dracula Martini" I absolutely would.

So why is this a WEEKEND WARRIOR CHALLENGE? I have no doubt you have a busy Halloween weekend ahead of you. Between school functions, block parties, pumpkin patches, costume soirees, football tailgates, and trick-or-treating, you're sure to have plenty of monster-licious treats and spook-tacular cocktails everywhere you turn. My challenge to you is simple - BE MINDFUL ABOUT WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH. One of the most significant diet dangers revolves around sugar consumption which starts THIS WEEKEND.

Here’s some scary food for thought: that chocolate bar screaming your name might only take a few minutes to eat but those 500 calories take ONE HOUR AND 20 MINUTES of walking to burn off. That's comforting. Here's another frightening fact - to gain five pounds from now to the end of January, all you have to do is eat an average of 200 calories per day more than you need - an ounce of fudge here, an ounce of gravy there, a sliver of pecan pie. If you need to ‘get a grip’ on eating splurges, the winter holiday months are key to your long range planning. Don't think just because you cheated alittle that you've entirely blown it so that gives you the green light to really blow it. No need to feel guilty come Monday. Just keep things in moderation and be intentional about making good choices.

Cheers to a happy and safe Halloween!

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