Sunday, October 10, 2010

Question: My husband who takes my son to preschool just got a new sportscar & refuses to drive around with a "clunky carseat." Any recommendations?

I understand your husband's concern - he doesn't want to roll around town in this flashy new sports car with a clunky, colorful Graco. Understandable. What he needs is something sleek. Something that says luxury. Something that blends into the backseat. You need to look into the RECARO series. Big advocate of this brand. Recaro is known the world over for its specialty seats - found in planes, high performance vehicles, and boats. The company is close to celebrating its 100th birthday - and their reputation in the industry has never been better.

For your particular needs of your preschooler, I would highly recommend the ProBOOSTER. The ProBOOSTER features a lightweight, ergonomic design, while incorporating premium comfort and safety features exclusive to Recaro. As advocates for Side Impact Protection in child safety seats, Recaro designed the ProSERIES collection to protect the five main vulnerable areas of a child's body - the head, neck, face, torso and pelvis. This particular seat has a forward facing weight range of 30-120 lbs. with a height range of 37-61 inches. Do some research online to price compare first but from what I found most sites (,, etc.) retail the ProBOOSTER for $129.00. This seat comes in 3 colors; Blue Opal, Midnight (black) and Misty (gray).

Standout Features:
-Side Impact Protection designed to protect your little one's head, neck, face, torso and pelvis
-In line with the highest booster car seat capacity of 120 lbs
-QuickLift head restraint easily adjusts to 11 different positions
-Maximum comfort seat cushion made with real "PUR" automotive comfort foam
-Lightweight for quick and easy transfer from one vehicle to another

Benefits for You: The ProBOOSTER's ergonomic design makes it lightweight and easy to transfer from one car to another. The belt-positioning booster features an easily adjustable recline to ensure proper positioning of the car seat in your vehicle. Use the color-coded seat belt guides to give your child the safest and most comfortable fit of the vehicle seat belt.

Benefits for your child: Your toddler will experience premium comfort while riding in the Recaro ProBOOSTER with its SoftTouch seat cushion, made of real "PUR" automotive comfort foam and the CoolMesh air ventilation system. The QuickLift head restraint easily adjusts to 11 different positions to accommodate growing tots from 37-61 inches. The ProBOOSTER is part of the ProSERIES - designed to protect the five main vulnerable areas of a child's body - the head, neck, face, torso and pelvis.

Hope this helps!! Best of luck on your search.

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