Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rave Review: Yonanas Mixer

Almost everyone loves ice cream. Recent reports show that the average American eats almost five gallons a year! The biggest problem with ice cream, however, is that it is loaded with fat and sugar. Yonanas is offering a unique alternative that means a healthier alternative for you and your family. If you want a healthy alternative to ice cream, you've got to buy the Yonanas Mixer. Dr. Oz loves it and it gets 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon reviews. Forget running to the store for a $6.00 tub of full fat ice cream. For only $50, you can have a refreshing, healthy snack at your finger tips anytime.

What is Yonanas?

Yonanas instantly churns frozen fruit and other flavorings into a delicious and healthy soft-serve treat. Simply peel and freeze any fruit that you want made into the end product of deliciousness. Place frozen fruits into the yonanas maker (works similar to a juicer), and fruit will magically transform into a ice cream like consistency. The combinations of flavors you can make are endless. Bananas, mango, berries, cantaloupe, pineapple - you name it. Like chocolate banana? Add some chocolate jello pudding into the mixer. Crave pistachio ice cream? Do the same with Pistachio pudding. You can add honey, peanut butter, maple syrup, nuts, coconut. Whatever your taste buds desire.

How does it work?

Using the appliance is also fairly straightforward. First, freeze the bananas or other fruit you will be using to make your treat. Bananas that are over-ripe work fine as well. Once they are frozen, simply lift up the lid, place the fruit in the chute and flip the switch. As the fruit is processed, you will have to press down with the plunger-lid to force the frozen fruit through. The frozen treat will then dispense at the bottom right into any bowl. On average, three frozen bananas can make about two servings.

What is the benefit of owning a Yonanas?

One of the biggest benefits Yonanas offers is that it is generally healthier than other frozen treats, specifically ice cream. Where these treats contain a lot of fat, sugar and preservatives, bananas contain only natural sugar and lots of vitamins. This allows you to watch your diet or simply ensure your children aren’t eating unhealthily. It also has the additional benefit of being entirely lactose free, which means those that are lactose intolerant will have an excellent alternative that doesn’t involve soy or other strange ingredients.

Overall, users of Yonanas can save quite a bit of money as well. A pint of ice cream can be almost five dollars in some instances. Compare this to the extremely low cost of a bunch of bananas, and you can see how making your own treats versus buying them in the store can be quite a good alternative. It also can help you save money in that you no longer have to worry about throwing out uneaten bananas once they become over-ripe. These bananas can be frozen instead and used in your machine.

Lastly, the Yonanas machine is also impressive simply due to how easy it is to clean and operate. Unlike an ice cream machine which requires a lot of mixing and ingredients, this machine only needs bananas. This makes it easy enough for even kids to use, though adult supervision is still probably a good idea. Cleaning is also just as easy. The machine comes apart into several different pieces that can be hand-washed or thrown in the dish washer. In no time at all, it is cleaned and ready to be used again.

What people are saying about it:

~The creamy ice cream like texture the Yonana creates can not be duplicated with a food processor, blender or Vitamix.

~The clean up is super easy. It disassembles into 5 washable pieces (hand or dishwasher.)

~It does exactly what it says it's going to do and comes with a recipe book with tasty concoctions.

Can I still use it if I don't like bananas?

It does somewhat rely on the consistency and natural sugar of the bananas but there are concoctions in the recipe book that do not include bananas so the short answer - YES!

Overall, two thumbs UP! A fantastic product, easy to use, a breeze to clean and reassemble. If you want to eat healthier, or just want to have a frozen treat ready at hand, give it a try! I imagine this would be great for a kid's party. Stock up on frozen fruit, let the kids pick their own recipe, and let the fun begin yonana'ing!!

If you're still not sold, what this clip from The Morning Show in Boston on YouTube. They LOVE it!!


  1. I can't seem to unscrew or take apart the plunger for cleaning. Is there a secret on how to do this.

  2. I am having the same problem. I can't get it apart to clean it. I had my husband try and it is so tight on there it won't budge. I have had it happen each time I used it( only 5 times so far) new. But this time it just seems cemented together. Why?

  3. i am having the same exact problem, just wrote to them