Thursday, February 9, 2012

I can't keep this a secret...

I can't even begin to explain how flippin' excited I am about this post. My intention of Hailey's Helpful Hints is to bring you daily tips, tricks and product picks that are useful (and helpful) in your everyday. This post is the epitome of that. Hands down, one of the best products I've come across in a long time.

A very long time.

Why? Because EVERYONE wants to look their best! If you want to tighten up your mid-section (or anything from your chin down)...You're tired of looking at that post-baby bulge, beer gut or last year's Christmas dinner...You want to get your sexy back - not that you lost it, just sayin...You want to get healthy, naturally...keep reading.

If you personally know me or have been following my blog for some time you know I am a health & fitness guru. I've been an athlete my entire life. I'm all about calories in - calories out. That you need to get your butt to the gym. Or outside. Just get moving. I was adamant that there was nothing besides eating right and exercising that could get you results.

UNTIL...I came across the line of 'It Works products.' I'm not going to lie - I was the BIGGEST skeptic. I saw a friend who was raving on Facebook about losing 6.5 inches in her mid-section and I thought, "No way. This is a bunch of crap."

But I was curious. So I bought a box of wraps (4 for $59) with the hopes that I too could be wrapped skinny. I know, I know you're thinking, "But you're already so thin." I might be thin but that doesn't mean I'm not full of unhealthy toxins.

So I wrapped. And 45 minutes later, I had lost 1.5" (total of three measurements around my mid-section). First reaction - Yeah, probably not for me. But I knew I had to give it the full 72 hours to work it's magic so I start guzzlin' the water per the directions.

I measured every morning. Another inch. Then another two. By the end of 72 hours, I was down five inches and significantly leaner and toned.

I was perplexed. I couldn't wrap (no pun intended) my head around how this wrap really worked. So I did some research. Here's what I found...

What is The Ultimate Body Applicator?

The Ultimate Applicator is a body applicator (wrap) treatment which was designed to work alongside your body's natural processes to deliver maximum tightening, toning, & firming results when applied to the desired body part(s) - arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, back and/or neck. The applicator is a woven cloth that comes pre-treated with a potent all-natural serum which penetrates your skin & breaks down harmful toxins, shrinks fat cells, reduces inflammation, increases circulation, minimizes cellulite & has the power to diminish stretch marks.

My initial thoughts - ok so it's water loss. WRONG.

This body wrap treatment differs greatly from others on the market today, because the inch loss during application is NOT water loss. In fact, during your treatment you are encouraged to drink water, as it better helps the processes of lipolysis (breakdown of fat) and detoxification.

Ok ok so it's starting to make sense. But I was still thinking, HOW THE HECK DOES IT WORK???

The inch loss which is obtained over the course of 72 hours and weeks is introduced at the cellular level through detoxification, micro-circulation, and lipolysis. It's almost too scientific to understand. Essentially this wrap is no different than a trans-dermal "patch" that allow healing agents to get into our bodies without being diluted or neutralized by our digestive system such as a patch to sea sickness, to help one quit smoking, to give pain relief to a headache, to help regulate hormones, etc.

Ah-ha. Although it still seems too good to be true, it's no different than trying to understand how aloe vera relieves pain on a burn; how quickly ginger can settle your stomach; how effectively bran can help your regularity; how jolted you can get from espresso coffee. The fact is that our bodies are regulated by bio-chemical stimulation, and plants are just filled with ingredients that can cause dramatic reactions. It should be no surprise that the right blend of natural plant extracts can trigger such amazing results.

With all that said, I'm a HUGE fan!! I personally just wrapped two girlfriends in the last week and one lost 7" over the 72 hours and one lost 5" within the FIRST 45 minutes!! I'm not lying. The tape measure doesn't lie. Trust me - this WORKS. With all the toxic pollutants in our air and the additives in our processed foods, detoxification is key to keeping our bodies healthy and functioning properly. Does this take the place of eating healthy and working out? Never. It works with.

I encourage you - get a wrap on your body and you won't need the explanation anymore! It's natural, its effective, affordable, and its a product that is causing LOTS of commotion! Never heard of this product? The company, It Works Global, does not pay to have their products endorsed my celebrities. It's all word of mouth but they did just wrap Dr. Oz's personal trainer last week. It was in the Emmy and Oscar celebrity gift packs. Kim Cattrall from Sex & the City and Seth Green (yes this works for men too!) are using it. The buzz is out.

Wondering how to get your hands on these? To order a box of 4 for $59, you can order through Think about it - that's less than $15 for one. Do one per week and you're only spending $59 for the entire month. AND you can do it in the privacy of your own home. No more expensive spa prices and stressing about paying a babysitter or finding time.

If you want to try just one, message me @ and I can mail one out to you for $25 plus $3.95 shipping/handling.

My personal favorite - the SKINNY PACK. The defining gel is AH-MAZING!!!!

I truly believe that if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. If you want a change in your body, you've come to the right spot. Summer is coming sooner than you think. It's time to get wrapped skinny!

Want a total body makeover? Want to lose weight and feel great? Want to get the most out of your workouts? Want to lose weight faster? (Ummm who doesn't!?!) We need to talk. We have an extensive list of fabulous products (Protein Shakes that aren't the GNC crap, Greens to keep you detoxing daily, etc) that will help you achieve your goals. Check them out here!


  1. Hi there! I came accross your blog on pinterest actually and found your post on the body wraps interesting. I was just curious, how long does the effects of the wrap last after you have applied it?

  2. Hi, I was just wondering if you are still a distributor and also second the question above on how long the effects last?