Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It Works for Me Wednesday

I get asked all the time if I have any tricks on ways to eat less and resist food temptations. And the answer is, of course I do. There is rarely a time where I am lost for words especially when it comes this topic. Although these aren't super scientific and boarderline neurotic, these work for me:

1) I've got a major sweet tooth. As do majority of women. Studies actually show that females have a significantly higher preference for high-carb, sweet foods - which may encourage or promote over consumption of those foods - than men. According to The Journal of Physiology, it is believed that the female hormone estradiol may play a role. I personally could devour 900 calories of gummy bears in .2 seconds so in order to eliminate the temptation I always, always, always have fruity flavored gum on me. In the car. My purse. Diaper bag. Whenever I get the craving, I pop a piece of 5 calorie sugar free gum in my mouth. It saves me from the highs and lows of unbalanced blood sugar and the chewing factor satisfies my desire to want to eat. Some of my favorites; Good ol' fashion bubble gum, Watermelon, and Orange Creamsicle.

2) I tend to want to fill my plate. And eat it all. In turn, I find myself shoving unneeded calorie after calorie mindlessly into my body. My problem, like most, is that when I fill a little portion into a big bowl, I automatically think, "there's no way that's filling me up." So instead I trick myself into believing I'm eating more by using infant feeding bowls. A 1/2 cup of cottage cheese fills an infant bowl which tricks me into being satisfied. 70 calories later, I'm done and haven't killed my diet.

Ok that's a more neurotic one but it works. The brain is a powerful thing when it comes to food.

3) When I get the urge to want to eat just to eat, which statistically boredom and emotional stress are  two of the reasons we over-eat, I reach for Green Tea. Green Tea has so many health benefits and the water fills you up without adding calories into your body. I'm also a sucker for the large UNsweetended Ice Tea at McDonalds. For a $1.00, it's a great filler-uper.

Ok so no thinking I'm a complete freak for spilling mycrazy secrets.These have helped me tremendously maintain a healthy weight and resist the temptations. I hope you find them helpful too!

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