Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just Spotted: Toms Ballet Flats

For Christmas I received my first pair of Toms. I know - where have I been?? So comfy and so easy to slip on. Why I held out for so long, I have no idea. Well actually...I do. My husband hates flats. And by hates I mean HATES. He thinks just because women in Rio wear heels 24/7 so should I. Um. Do you not see that I chase around two littles all day, everyday?!?!

So anyways, I was pretty freakin' stoked today to learn that Toms has come out with a ballet flat. Cute. Simple. Practical. My kind of shoe for this stage of mommyhood. I'm lovin' the "Gisele" (leopard) ones.

Available to pre-order now through Nordstrom online. Take note; they do say they run big so order a 1/2 down.

And if flats aren't your thing - they do also make a wedge that are super fun and beachy.

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