Friday, February 11, 2011


Over the holidays, I received an unexpected Happy Holidays card in the mail from Tory Burch with a $100 gift card enclosed. Wondering how the heck I scored that?? Yeah - me too. Tory probably wanted to thank me for the one and only time I've ever purchased anything from her very stylish but out-of-my price range store.

So with my gift card in hand and Chase and Dave in tow, we set out for an evening activity. My husband being the frugal man that he is made it very clear that $100 of free money doesn't justify spending an additional $100-$200 of our own money. Humph, he's never any fun. Little did he know that the only thing under a $100 in that store is a pair of flimsy, plastic flip flops that I could find at Old Navy for $5. Minus of course the signature Tory emblem shining back in my face.

Upon arriving in the store, I bee-lined straight to the flip-flops. My shoe of choice. I immediately laid eyes on a pair of leather flips that were only $115. Score. That was painless and Dave would definitely approve of the $15+tax difference. I know, $115 for a strap of leather seems ridic but it's all relative when you're talking Tory Burch. Of course they didn't have my size in the black and Dave hated the other color option...
Alright - moving on to plan B. I held up a pair of Tory's classic ballerina flats. Ya know, the ones every girl has but me. His face went sour within a blink of an eye and I heard the broken record once again - "No flats Hail. Those are ugly and flats on chicks look awful..."
Alright - plan C. I start to get frustrated, Chase, with a pair of sunglasses strapped to his face, is pulling handbags off the wall, and Dave has the typical "I want to go, I've had enough shopping" body language. In my defense, we'd only been in the store 20 min. Max. So we leave. With nothing...

Alright - plan D. Knowing that I had to spend the card by the short lived expiration date, I searched on their website until wah-la, I found something to purchase - a really exciting pair of.......SLIPPERS!!! On sale even. Originally $128 marked down to $90. I truly did need a new pair of slippers as my UGG's were looking a little shabby.

The moral of the story and why this tickles my fancy - Yes, I went through a painful process to only get a pair of slippers but I made my husband happy, I found a deal, and they are super comfy. All in all, {free} money well spent!

Your turn...tell me what tickled your fancy this week!! A new book, date night to somewhere different, a screaming deal you landed...

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