Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Everyday this week I am going to highlight something random that I love. Let's start this off with a few power packed, butt-kicking at home workouts that will get you results. If you've been needing alitte motivation and finding "you" time is an issue, these will be your saving grace.

1) Jillian Michael's "30 Day Shred" - HUGE FAN of this DVD!!! Who doesn't have 30 minutes!?!?! Well it's actually only 20 minutes. Even better. ;) For only $10, you can get whipped into shape with the celebrity trainer from the hit series "Biggest Loser,"Jillian Michaels. She bases her "no-nonsense workout on the 3-2-1 method: 3 mins strength, 2 mins cardio, 1 min abs. In just this short video, you will feel like you've spent an hour in the gym. You will need free weights, anywhere from 3-10 lbs.

Want more from Jillian Michaels? Check out her series of workout DVD's here. "No More Trouble Zones" is also one I highly recommend.

2) The Firm's "Calorie Explosion" - Fat doesn't stand a chance with this video! Calorie Explosion lets you customize routines to meet your fat-blasting goals as well as your schedule. Choose a quick individual routine, mix two or three...or perform the entire workout (48 minutes) for a maximum calorie burn. The only at home equipment you will need are some free weights, anywhere from 3-10 lbs. You have the option to customize your butt-kicking workout any time of the day for only $13.99:

12-minute Kick-Butt Athletic Drills
12-minute Explosive Power Moves
12-minute Cardio Kickboxing
12-minute High-Intensity Moves

Love The Firm DVD's? Check out their entire collection here. I highly recommend "The 500 Calorie Workout" as well.

3) Jackie Warner's "Power Circuit Training" - Work out with celebrity trainer and television star of the hit show "Work Out," Jackie Warner. Her Beverly Hills gym, Sky Sport & Spa, is known for sculpting some of Hollywood’s best bodies. Her renowned circuit training workouts command up to $400 per hour. Now you can shed unwanted pounds, decrease body fat, sculpt amazing abs, and tone to reshape your entire body in the privacy of your home for only $10! The Power Circuit Training video includes five powerful workout options for real body-changing results. You choose your workout:

15-Minute Total Body Circuit
40-Minute Total Body Circuit
15-Minute Abs Only Circuit
15-Minute Upper Body Circuit
15-Minute Lower Body Circuit

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