Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I {LOVE}...

...my girlfriends. Period. Piggybacking on the whole idea of giving the gift of time, women need girl time. Time spent with girlfriends venting their life's highs and lows. Now I know finding time is easier said then done but if you're looking for a good excuse to get the girl's you love together, I suggest hosting a fun evening doing the following:

1) Accessory Swap: A spin-off of a clothing swap but with just accessories. If you and your girlfriends are all about the same size in clothes, you can do both but if you're all over the board, I suggest just doing purses, jewelry, belts and scarves. You can opt to have rules or not. I suggest to keep it fair that if you bring three items, you only get to take three items. They don't have to be like for like though. At the end of the night, you'll go home with fun, new accessories for FREE!!!

2) Favorites Party: I LOVE this idea! Invite an intimate group of your favorite girls over and have each one of them bring their favorite thing that is under $5.00. It can be a favorite candle. Favorite cleaning product. Favorite candy bar. Simple gifts that you particularly love. At the end of the night, each girl will go home with a handful of new favorite things!

3) Spray Tan Party: This one is for the very close group of girls. Yes you may see a little more leg but for the modest girls, have no fear - you'll be hidden. Negotiate a discount with a gal that runs a mobile spray tan business and get your tan on. At the end of the night, each girl will leave with a golden glow and a night of memories!

4) Wine Tasting Party: This is such a fun (and tipsy) idea. Have each girl bring a bottle of wine that is under $10 and one that is between $10-$20. Then have each girl do a blind taste test. It's always fun to see who can tell the difference between the different priced wines. At the end of the night, you'll know more about wine and wake up the next day with a pounding headache!

So there you go - my girly time party suggestions! Wondering about food? Save yourself the stress and just serve desserts. Women, laughter and sweets go hand in hand!

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