Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rave Reviews: Love it or hate it?

If you haven't tried the CLOROX BLEACH PEN you must put it the list to buy. I love love love this handy little cleaning pen. I first learned about this product by another mom at the park. We didn't know each other but got to chatting as our sons dug in the sand together. Naturally we started talking about "kid" stuff. She told me of this great new product, similar to the Tide 'On the Go' stick, that has saved several of her son's stained shirts. She raved about the Clorox Bleach Pen as if it was the best thing that every happened to laundry. Being the clean freak that I am, I was shocked I hadn't tried this yet so during my next Target run, I bee-lined to the cleaning aisle with excitement.

Kids or no kids - we all have stains. BBQ sauce from your favorite pulled pork sandwich. Chili from last year's 4th of July Chili Cook-off. Pasta Sauce that splattered as you set down the plate. Red wine that accidentally spilled after a 'few too many.' Grass stains from a rowdy game of tag with the kids. If you're like me, you don't have time to mix up the special concoction of Baking Soda to remove any of them. To the rescue - the Clorox Bleach Pen. You name it, this pen is intended to work magic on those clothes you thought were trash. The concept is simple and it's super easy to spot clean stubborn stains. There are dual tips - one end contains a flat, larger scrubby that applies the gel more liberally which allows you to get deep into the garment. The other end holds a fine, slanted point tip to apply the bleach just where you want it. The narrow tip is fantastic when you’ve got to target a stain amongst colored fabric. It doesn't seem to permeate the rest of the clothing article, making it easy to get the stains out of colored clothing without bleaching the piece and ruining it. The gel is very controlled, meaning it doesn’t pour out or splash – you control it with the tip. It sort of bubbles like peroxide does, so you know it’s applied. It's best to be extra careful however around the colored areas.

Ever had a mildew or mold stain on white caulking around bathroom fixtures, window seals, tubs, etc? This pen also allows you to pinpoint the mildew stain that has crept up on you without risking bleaching the entire area (which can actually weaken the caulk seal) and allows for a safer environment with no bleach odor. You can use the pen to scrub hard to reach places, the drain in the kitchen sink, etc. It will work right before your eyes but keep in mind, you do still have to scrub a little.
This bleach product allows you to pre-treat and re-treat with equal effectiveness. Every piece of our white, stained clothing has been salvaged because of the Clorox Bleach Pen. If you find that this product wasn't successful on super stubborn stains the first time, try this tip before throwing the garment away: If the stain did not come out during the first washing, apply more bleach-pen gel on the garments WHILE THEY WERE STILL DAMP, then LET IT SIT OVERNIGHT without putting in the wash. When you come back in the morning, the stain will be almost diminished. Re-wash the garment and watch the stain disappear.

All in all - the Clorox Bleach Pen is well worth all $3.00. Whether you have kids or not, it's great to have handy around the house. It provides excellent on-the-spot stain removal in your laundry, kitchen and bathrooms. It's super easy, inexpensive, and works wonders. You will pay up to $4.00 in the grocery stores for this product but if you shop around, you can find it for less than $3.00.

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