Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Organization should have been my middle name. I love it. Anything I can have to make my life easier, you better believe I'm all about it. Growing up we had a battery drawer. Over time this once organized battery drawer accumulated other items; hammer, screwdriver, calculators, phone chargers. It drove me bananas to have to dig and dig only to realize that we were out of the particular battery I needed. My mom knowing this was such a hot button of mine, gave me a battery organizer a few years ago. Talk about getting old when you get excited about receiving a battery organizer as a gift! All you moms know that if you have children, you go through a lot of batteries. With the battery organizer, all of my batteries are in one place for instant accessibility and I know exactly what my inventory is at all time.

This particular Battery Rack Organizer can be used in a drawer, on a shelf or mounted to a wall. A built-in battery tester helps you determine the remaining strength of a battery's charge. It holds 46 batteries: C, D, AA, AAA and 9-volt sizes and it includes two adapters to store up to 14 AA batteries

You can find it here at Organize It for only $13.99 or at the Container Store for $19.99. It's so worth the money!!

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