Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Splurge vs. Steal: EYE MAKEUP REMOVER

A few months back I was getting ready with a girlfriend in Mexico who after a long day of lounging by the swimming pool, looked like a raccoon. She busted out a tissue paper and some Vaseline (yes, straight ol' Petroleum jelly) and wiped away her eye makeup within minutes. It was definitely a "you learn something new everyday" moment. She inspired me to do a follow up post on the best eye makeup remover.

I have never personally used the Vaseline trick but I witnessed first hand just how effective it was and for CHEAP. What I love about her is she loves frugal favorites - ie; inexpensive miracle workers - just as much as I do. If you want to go the uber inexpensive route, you can get a large 13 oz. generic "Up & Up" container of petroleum jelly at Target for a few bucks that will last you months. Anything with an oil-base will work really.

If the oily gig isn't for you, you must try my all-time favorite - Almays Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Pads. Hands down a STEAL. I've been using them for years and they work wonders. They do make a liquid remover but I'm a big fan of the pads. I found this study done by Good Housekeeping magazine's research team which makes me believe I might know a little more about beauty than I give myself credit for --

The Good Housekeeping Research Institute tested both waterproof mascaras and eye makeup removers and found a winning duo that will keep your beauty routine short and smudge free.

After testing 12 waterproof mascaras in their labs, and found the winner to be none other than my favorite MAYBELLINE'S GREAT LASH WATERPROOF MASCARA. Ahem, told ya so. By the way, if you didn't read the mascara post and aren't using the primer by now, shame on you.

But what's the best way to get it off??

After using the Maybelline Great Lash, Good Housekeeping tested nine eye makeup remover pads and wipes. In the lab, analysts measured how much mascara came off one eye in 30 seconds of wiping. Testers were then timed as they removed mascara from the other eye. The number of pads they used were tallied.

And the WINNER? Almay's Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover Pads ($6.50; Drugstores). Panelists averaged 31 seconds for removal (the fastest time) at the second lowest cost - 15 cents per eye. Whether it's the 'moisturizing' pads or the 'oil-free' pads, the point is - Almay is the brand you should be using.

After the validation of this survey, I would hope that you wouldn't waste your money splurging on a 4.2 oz bottle of Christian Dior's Duo-Phase Eye Makeup Remover for $25.00. Might as well toss dollar bills down the toilet. Even Sephora's pads are a bit pricey. $9.00 doesn't seem like a lot at first grab but make sure to check the quantity. Sephora contains 30 pads compared to Almay's 120 pads.

And if you run out and are in a pinch, you can always mix 2 tablespoons of Canola Oil with 1 tablespoon of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil to remove eyeshadow or if you need to get stubborn mascara off, mix 2 tablespoons Olive Oil with 1 tablespoon of Baby Oil.

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