Friday, March 11, 2011


TGIF friends!!! Lately I've been slightly stressing...ok who am I kidding...majorly stressing over the fact that I will have a another baby in 36 days. (Who's counting right??) It's not so much the baby that's wiggin' me out. It's the fact that we've done nothing, absolutely nothing, to prepare for this baby. Granted it's another boy and I have 95% of the stuff (somewhere in the rafters of the garage) but this 'wait until the last minute' crap goes against every part of my being. I am a planner. I like certainty. As it stands now, Dave's office is Lance's bedroom. You'd think that would be an easy fix but since my husband works from home, it's slightly more complicated. The extent of 'planning' and preparing for Lance has been a rough sketch of the decorating visions I had on the back of my to-do list. That Chase later threw away.

Last week as we discussed the slow moving plans of the office addition (that will start right when the baby is born. Go figure.), I hit the wall. Poor Dave didn't know what was coming his way. After the 20 minute sob sesh that touched on everything from my varicose veins to double strollers, we came to one conclusion - we need to clear out Dave's office and get Lance set up. This preggy needs to nest. And nest NOW.

So my understanding hubs decided to take one for the team and agreed to move out of his office. Into our bedroom. Oh my. I guess beggars can't be choosers right?!? It is only temporary until the addition is done. In August. {Deep breath}.

So here I sit, anxiously awaiting this weekend - the long anticipated move out and start of my decorating frenzy. I spent all week running around picking out paint colors. Getting a new dresser. Bookshelf. Bedding for Chase. Shelves. Wall decor. It felt oh so good. The light at the end of the tunnel is near and my hormones are back on track. For now at least. And that my friends, tickles my fancy.

Check out this cute paint color I chose for Lance's room that goes so so well with Chase's hand-me-down Dwell Studio crib bedding. And these wall decals I found for Chase's new airplane rooom (Love Studio Luka!) and this modern chic lamp I found at Tar-shay for only $17!

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