Thursday, March 24, 2011

ORGANIZE IT: Week in advance

This doesn't work for me just yet but you better believe I am going to implement this when my kid's are in school. I got this genius idea from a one of my mommy-mentors (thanks Krista!) that struggled with getting two boys out the door in the morning on time.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Trying to get the boys, who more often than not woke up on the wrong side of the bed, outfitted in proper attire without a raging outbreak. Trying to rationalize with a four year old who doesn't understand why he can't wear his bathing suit, rain boots and Batman t-shirt is a sure-fire stress builder. What should be a 30 second conversation turns into a 30 minute battle for control. And I'm sure it's even worse with little girls. Eek.

Due to all the lost time of calming them down, getting them dressed, teeth brushed, and hair combed, they were constantly in a rush against the clock. Which always resulted in forgetting something; library book, cleats for practice. Eating breakfast in the car. Not remembering to grab their lunch off the counter.

SOLUTION: A WEEKLY CLOTHES/ACTIVITY ORGANIZER. On Sunday night, they first look at the weather report for the upcoming week and together decide on an outfit for each day of the week. This includes underwear, socks, shoes - the entire outfit from head to toe - so Krista could rest assured knowing they could get ready without her help. They fold the outfit and place in each day's cube; Monday at top, Friday at the bottom right. Then they go through the week's activities. If on Monday, library books are due, they will place the library book in the top Monday left cube. If Tues is soccer practice, they pick out a practice outfit and cleats and place in the Tues left cube.

This takes some serious organization on Sunday night on the mom's part but I can guarantee it will eliminate the morning madness, saving you time and frustration. You can find this handy contraption at Target for $17.99. Another option is the single row organizer with labels. I personally like the idea of keeping activities separate from the school clothes - seems to be more organized that just stuffing everything into one.

What are some sanity/time savers that work wonders for you?? I'd love to hear!

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