Monday, March 26, 2012

If you do one thing this week...


If your mornings are a race against the clock, give yourself an edge by corralling your toiletries in the smartest possible way. Conquering your cosmetic clutter not only will save you time, but is also the easiest way to start making your looks a priority. Once you downsize to what you actually use - and use it - you will be looking pretty in more ways than one.

So to streamline your makeup, you need to separate your necessities from your nonessentials. Here's some tips how:

1) Designate a spot for your "5-minute face" - aka whatever products you use every morning to get you out the door. A drawer with dividers or a box lets you see everything you need. The goal is to not be digging around for the essentials. If you're tight on space, a makeup bag works too. Especially if you travel a lot or are on the go.

2) Part with the 10th place lipstick. The rest of your makeup (if you're the most of us) needs a serious purge. Dump what's expired of course (anything you've had longer than 18 months or six months for mascaras or other liquids used near your eyes). But don't stop there. Hit the heart of the problem by getting rid of the runner-ups. Lipsticks and glosses especially. Because we are constantly trying to find the right shade or hop from colors between seasons so quickly, we have a stockpile that accumulate. If you haven't used it in the last year, toss it. The same strategy goes for anything else you're prone to stockpile whether it's eye pencils or night creams. Ask yourself, "If all this was gone tomorrow, what would I miss?" Those are the items you should keep.

3) Be your own editor. If you're still attached to the 10 eye shadows or 20 lip colors you've used once each, put them in a covered box on your bathroom counter or toilet tank and apply a sticker dated their months from now. I love the Short Acrylic Box ($10 at The Container Store) which keeps everything in sight. Try a product every day or week and make a decision - incorporate it in your "five minute face"  or occasional items or toss it. Dump whatever you haven't bothered to try by your preset expiration date.

4) Simplify your storage. Anything left, like eye shadows you love for evening looks, can go in a drawer. Tight on space? Usually two sets of stackable drawers can fit under the sink. Divide items by categories  - eyeliners and mascaras, blush and bronzers, extra makeup brushes, etc. The Stackable Acrylic Drawer Organizers ($3-5 each at The Container Store) are very functional for this but I love the Antonius Basket Insert ($3 at Ikea) for drawers too. Heck you could even it up the $1 for plastic baskets. The goal is functional and organized so buy whatever you see fit. If you have a pedestal sink, use a clear shoebox which can double as a portable "drawer" that can fit in a nearby linen closet.

5) Stage an intervention. Often with drawers people start throwing stuff in, and then it's not organized. Beauty of the drawer is that you can shut it so it's out of sight, out of mind right? Wrong. If you're facing a jumble in a few months, take an extra measure and put every category in a small resealable bags and then in it's designated section or bin. That way, you'll be less likely to pile products on top of the bags.

If you want more tips on how to conquer your toiletry chaos, click HERE.

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