Friday, March 30, 2012

Fancy Friday: Hanging with one of my favorite {Peeps}

My college roommate, best friend, and teammate (yes I played collegiate golf) was in town this past week and I thought it was only fitting that I give her a shout out in the blog being that my time with her is what tickled my fancy. There's nothing better than catching up with an old, dear friend. One that knows the best and worst of you. One that has loved you through the good and bad. One that has seen you in your highs and lows. One that you could spend days, if not weeks, laughing about all the memories you share. That is Kelli to me. Although we live completely different lives now, we will forever remain "Kailey." Get it - Kelli & Hailey combined?!? I know, cheesy but it was a name given to us in college since we were never seen without eachother. We were inseparable. We even had dreams to start a women's golf clothing line together named Kailey. Unfortunately that never happened.

One interesting fact about Kelli - she loooooves Peeps, those sugarly marshmallow candies in the shape of a bunny. I've never met another person that can eat enormous amounts of Peeps without wanting to throw up like Kelli can. Talk about cavities in the making. And sugar OVERload. No wonder the girl could go days without sleep.

Although I don't care for Peeps in that same way, I do think using Peeps for Easter decor is a must. So much of a must, I'm going to blog about them again. They come in the perfect Easter colors and are super inexpensive. Think beyond the tops of cupcakes. Although those are pretty stinkin' adorable...

Think centerpieces. Wreaths. Place cards.

Need inspiration? Thanks to Pinterest (nope still don't have a page), here are a few I personally love in addition to my Peep for Thought post from last Easter:

Tutorial found HERE.

Tutorial found HERE.

Love the simplicity and pops of color

Peeps Topper {free download} ~ And at the end of the day, give your favorite “peeps” a special treat with these free printable toppers. One row of your favorite colored peeps chicks fit perfectly in a snack-size ziploc bag.

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