Thursday, March 1, 2012

THINspiration Thursday

Alright, it's March 1st y'all. Getting your sexy back doesn't happen overnight. Depending on how far off the wagon you fell over the holidays will determine the kind of goals you should be setting to get beach-body ready by summer. Now I know most of you are saying, "Umph, this body is going nowhere near the beach, let alone a bathing suit."

If that's you, I'm talking to YOU. The majority of you. The ones that sadly aren't comfortable in your own skin. The ones that loathe a body part so much that you miss out on experiences in life. The ones that keep doing the same ol' thing, expecting different results. The one that yesterday keeps saying tomorrow.

I know a lot of people have a hard time finding motivation because they get discouraged that they'll never look like the girls in magazines. Screw the girls in the magazine. They've never had kids. Are airbrushed to the max. Have spray tanned abs. Spend 5 hours/day in the gym.

You need to set realistic goals for yourself. Maybe you just want to lose the jiggle in your underarm. Want a firmer booty. To lose 10 pounds. To feel more energized. You must set realistic goals for YOU and lead a lifestyle that is conducive to achieving the goals (and vision) you want. You also must get your mind right. I truly believe that if you follow the ABC's you will find a new found confidence in yourself that is hiding behind all that holiday leftovers --

ATTITUDE: You must have the right attitude from the moment you start. Develop a success-orientated attitude and avoid negativity at all costs. If you can get your significant other to embrace this same attitude, it will make things a lot easier. Wake up everyday with a commitment to stick with it.  

ACCEPTANCE:  You must accept the fact that this isn't going to happen overnight. Fat loss is hard and just as it slowly crept on over the last 6 months, it will take that much time, if not more, to get it off. Once you accept that you need to give it time, it ultimately makes the journey a lot easier.

ACTION: You must take action and apply what you know you need to do, because until you do it, it really doesn't matter what you know. Love this quote below - so true. Don't be the one left behind.

BELIEF: You must believe that you will succeed and attain the beach body you want for the summer. As the saying goes 'You must believe it, if you want to achieve it.' And that doesn't mean if you don't have shredded abs and ripped biceps that you've failed.

CONSISTENCY: You MUST be consistent with your training and nutrition. Summer season will be here in approximately 13 weeks, which is enough time to make significant changes in your body, provided you are consistent with your training and nutrition from now onwards. There's no room for major errors. Small mistakes will happen, but repeated mistakes or major slip-ups are not acceptable.

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