Thursday, March 22, 2012

Colored Jeans: Yay or Nay?

The fashion world was buzzing earlier this week when Kate Middleton stepped into the biggest trend of 2012: colored jeans. She chose tangerine jeans, a preppy blazer and scarf combo to visit Great Britian’s hockey team and then she changed into a hoodie and sneakers (paired with the same jeans) to hit the hockey field.

So what do you think - yay or nay? I guess if Kate Middleton is sporting them, they're a yay -  right? I mean she is a fashion icon these days right?? Personally, if it means anything at this point, colored jeans are a bold play. One that will definitely get people looking at your legs (or booty) before your face. One that screams confident, "I don't care what you're thinking" women. If that doesn't bother you, I say go for it! But if you're at all self-conscious about your lower half, don't even bother. The eye catching color coupled with your timid "I want to be trendy but hate my body" demeanor will ruin any chance you have. Bottom line - if this trend is a yay for you, wear them fearlessly.

The spring and summer 2012 trends are calling for big, bold colors so if there's a time to buy, it's now. I've even seen fluorescent neon popping up everywhere. (Insert Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth!). Since I am a sucker for POC (pops of color), the colored jean falls more in the yay than nay category for me. Throw on a black or white shirt and a multi-colored flat or wedge and you've got yourself an easy outfit for day or night.

Grab a pair of tangerine jeans like the ones Kate's sporting with this wallet-friendly version by Mossimo at Target for just $17.99 (currently on sale, originally $22.99). Mossimo also offers a cropped version in a more coral-hue called "Crabshell" for the same price. Both pants available in a wide range of other eye catching colors.

Want Kate's entire look? Thanks to the Budget Babe, she's broken it down for you HERE.


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