Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You might want to think twice...

Before giving your kids another cup of Kool-Aid, read this quick tip, found on Apartment Therapy, that is quite disturbing:

Quick tip: Clean your toilet bowl with orange Kool-Aid.

Come again?? You mean a product meant to pass through our digestive system is being recommendeded for the same use as an industrial cleaner?

Yep. They claim that all you have to do is sprinkle the contents of the package in before you head to bed, swirl it around with a toilet bowl brush, and let the citric acid sit over night. The acid in the drink mix will go to work cleaning away tough stains and build up if you don't have tough water.

Not that I buy Kool-Aid to begin with but you better believe it's now never making it's way into my cupboards or my toilet bowl.

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