Friday, June 10, 2011


I've said this before but in case you missed it, I'm a jean girl. At one point I think I had like 25 pairs of jeans. Denim goes with everything and every color. Except I'll admit, I'm always hesitant to wear it with light blue for some reason. Dress them up. Dress them down. Pair them with a Zip hoodie. Wifebeater. Silk shirt. Flip flops. Running shoes. Stilettos. This week my fancy was tickled when I learned that there is alittle more variety of denim for this summer besides just jeans. Denim brimmed hats. Denim shorts. Long denim skirts. Denim jackets (yes, I wondered if I'd ever be able to wear those 4 jackets again!) Denim wide leg pants (finally something other than the boyfriend and skinny jean!) Denim shoes. Yep I said denim shoes. And I found them. Cuter than ever too.

I randomly wandered into DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) last week. I'd never been. Holy cow. Shoe overload. Rows and rows of help-yourself shoes. I beelined straight to the wedge section. I've been on the hunt for some time and had a feeling that this might be the end to my search. Sure 'nough, two pairs were calling my name. A cute black pair on sale for only $39.00 and a denim pair that was being fondled and drooled on by two Latino women. A sense of selfish urgency came over me. Those were MINE. I tactfully shimmied my way next to them and quickly snagged the last pair of 7.5's. Mission accomplished.

Of course when I got them home I questioned the whole denim shoe thing. My cute, trendy 21 year old babysitter eased my uncertainty with her enthusiasm towards them. She pointed out they will go with anything especially white (another hot summer trend). Done. These suckers aren't going back. Now if only I had the wardrobe of those Latino women to go with them.

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