Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Did you know??

Sorry guys this post is for the ladies. Now that I've had two kids and am not nursing anymore, things just don't look or fit like they used to. I heard last week that sleeping in a bra keeps your breasts perky longer and it got me wondering if there is any truth in that statement. So I dug around the internet and found this answer from the ladies over at The Frisky who brought in an underwear expert (Is there a special degree for that??) named Brianna to answer that exact question.

Brianna responded like this:

"Here’s the deal with breast sag: there are no muscles in the breast. The Cooper’s Ligament is what keeps them suspended (aka perky). Over time, gravity and poor support can stretch the ligament beyond repair. Stretched ligament = saggy boobs. If you’re telling me you only wear a bra when you leave the house, then all the time you’re going bra-less, gravity is basically bungee jumping on your Cooper’s Ligament, pulling it down and stretching it out. If you want to keep your "girls" looking young, then you need to give them support all the time. As far as sleeping in a bra goes, it may be an old wives’ tale, but we’re not taking any chances. Once you enter Sagsville, there’s no turning back that doesn’t involve a visit to the plastic surgeon. Just pick a bra that’s comfortable, like a compression sports bra, bralette/bandeau or even a bra-top camisole (which is a clever combo of a bra sewn inside a cami). For a sleeping bra, it’s less about support and more about containment, so you can skip out on the underwire if you want."

I don't know about you but that answer really surprised me. Weren't we taught to take it off before bed? I sure was. And to be honest, I've always found the end of the day, when I finally get to take off my binding bra, to be a huge relief. Guess I might need to change my way to keep my "girls" from misbehaving.

While sleeping in a bra may be a good idea, finding your perfect-fit bra may not mean the end of your underwear woes. If you're one of countless women who stress over sagging and worry that their girls may head further south than an Arizaon-bound retiree, keep reading.

If you don't have the good fortune of getting a fitting with an expert like Freddie, don't fret. Brianna's got three simple tips for you guys to follow in case you find yourself in the lingerie department without a clue:

1. Your bra needs to "tack." Do you know that little piece of fabric between the cups in the front of your bra? The part that connects them? That should lie completely flat against your skin. If there is even a slight gap, it's not "tacking" and it's not the right bra for you.

2. The underwire should not touch your breast tissue. Take your hand and feel where your bra hits at the side of your breasts. It should be laying flat against bone, not digging into your tissue. It's healthier (and more supportive) for the underwire to lay behind the breast tissue, not on it.

3. The band should be snug and parallel to the floor. So much of the support of your bra comes from the band that goes all the way around you. You should barely be able to get your finger between your bra and your back. And once it's on, your bra shouldn't ride up, but should look like it's parallel to the floor. Wear the band on the loosest hook when you first buy it, because that's the tightest your bra will ever be.

So. I was definitely schooled in the art of support and I hope you girls got a little lesson, too! Have you had a fitting recently? Were you surprised to learn your true size? Are you able to throw the arbitrary idea of numbers out the window and just find a bra that looks great on you?

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