Friday, June 3, 2011


Ok you'll have to bear with me as my world as of late is consumed by everything baby. But hold up - even you aren't a mom or plan to be a mom, you too must read on. These make for a unique baby gift that any expecting mother of a little boy will thank you a million times over.

Ever heard of the Tinkle Topper? I hadn't until a high school friend of mine sent me a package of University of Washington (yes, I am an Alum) toppers recently. Were they Christmas ornaments? Game pieces? A party hat? I honestly had no idea. But then in dawned on me - they are intended to cover the tinkle before he sprinkles!! Duh. Yet another "why didn't I think of that?" product. I didn't put two and two together because based on how it was packaged I thought "Tinkle Topper" was the cutsy company's name who made them.

For a mother expecting a boy, these are an essential must have. If used correctly (one hand holding the tinkle topper over the wee-wee, the other one trying to hold down his flailing legs while putting on the diaper) they will trap the pee in the tip of the topper and you'll avoid getting hosed by your 'lil guy. I can't tell you how many times they have saved me at 4:00 AM of having to strip him of his pee soaked pajamas. And because they saved me one less load of laundry, these have tickled my fancy.
Sorry I couldn't resist this picture I found online...:)

You can find at Tyler and Me Boutique or you can search "Tinkle Toppers" or better yet the "Pee-Pee TeePee for the Sprinkling Wee-Wee" on Google or Etsy and you'll find several to choose from.

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