Monday, April 25, 2011

ORGANIZE IT: Wrapping Paper/Gift Bags

As I was packing up Dave's office to make room for Lance's bedroom, I sat in disgust looking at my unorganized pile of gift bags, tissue paper and miscellaneous ribbon and gift tags. For as organized as I am, this is one area that I haven't tackled. My current system looks like this - the wrapping paper is shoved in the closet. And the tissue paper is thrown on the closet shelf. In a pile. And somewhat crinkled. And all the miscellaneous bags and gift tags are tossed into a large Nordstrom box. And Lord knows what's in that box.

So I got to researching (of course I did!) ways to coral all these loose ends into one place. There were a million wall displays on the Internet but not everyone has a fabulously organized craft room let alone an extra wall to display wrapping paper and ribbon. As I got further into the depths of the Internet, I came across a chart topping idea in Better Homes and Garden that is a fabulously functional space saver. All you need is the back of a door and you have yourself an instant wrapping station.

Say hello to your new best friend. A chef’s pantry door rack. It's designed to store cans and boxes but it's perfect for organizing ribbons and paper, too. You can find it directly through this link at for just $29.95.

Here is a breakdown of the the article from Better Homes and Gardens (from top to bottom):

1. Keep gift tags in clear, lidded containers so you can see what you have.

2. Line up spools of ribbon on a shelf. Just unroll the length you need and snip.

3. Keep often-used tools like scissors and tape in the middle of the rack so they’re easy to reach.

4. Drape tissue paper over the bar of a shelf to keep it uncrumpled.

5. Stand up roll wrap at the bottom of the basket. A heavy-duty rubber band stretched around the rack keep the rolls tight.

6. File a few gift bags and ready-to-assemble gift boxes in the bottom basket.

Inspired? I sure am. Happy organizing!

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