Friday, April 1, 2011


This week I had several things that tickled my fancy so I thought I'd mix it up and share them all with you... After almost 3 years, I finally got my act together and scheduled a professional family photo shoot. We got super lucky with an amazing night in Laguna Beach with Theresa from Lollipops and Slingshots. Seriously do you see that sunset?? This is just a sneak peek at what's to come but I am so excited to see what she captured. Isn't my little peanut a stud? ;) Last week I discovered that baby Lance was breech. I was so bummed about the news but my Dr. was very confident in his ability to flip him around. Versions statistically have a 60% success rate. I agreed to the procedure with A LOT of hesitation and anxiety. As I asked around to other moms, some said it hurt while others said it was slightly uncomfortable. I was a wreck anticipating the pain. And OH MY was it painful and more intense than I realized. The Dr. predicted that I'll have another "turbo" kid based on the damage he has done to the insides of my body. In his terms, "I've taken a pretty good beating from this kid." But after 4.5 hours in the hospital hooked up to IV's and a heartbeat monitor, 3 nurses, 4 IV's, and 2 Dr's manipulating little Lance to a head down position, it was a SUCCESS!!!!!! I am so thankful for my Dr's and the possibility of having a vaginal (can I say that???) long as Lance cooperates and stays in his new position! As a "we're proud of you" surprise, an Edible Arrangement arrived on my doorstep from my parents. I. love. these. things!!!! I'd prefer a basket of fruit over flowers any day! Thank you Mom and Dad for always thinking of me. xo On Thursday, I took some "me" time during nap, put on my (too tight) bikini and laid out in my backyard. Can't beat an 87 degree day in Southern California in March. Although extremely repulsed by my swollen ankles and sausage toes, I was in heaven. Hopefully I'll get to do it again because I know after popping out this baby, mama won't be lounging much.

Have a fantastic weekend! Cheers to the many things that tickle your fancy and bring a smile to your face.


  1. When are you due with Lance!? Boys are so great--I am expecting our third boy! :) And the chocolate espresso muffins-YUM!! thanks for posting that! Glad you got some pro. pics done!!

  2. My due date is April 17th but I'm going to be induced most likely the week of April 11-17. I am so ready to be DONE. So will that be 3 under 30?? You go girl!! Glad you liked the muffins. :)

  3. haha yup...3 under 30 :)

    Ah. you are close! yay for you! I am just half way and ready to be done!