Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Did you know??

...I have oily skin. Hee hee, bet you weren't expecting that disappointing fact. Regardless if your skin falls under the dry, normal, or oily category, I guarantee that each and every one of you have experienced the mid-day shine. One of my favorite on-the-go remedies when I'm out and about is to use a toilet seat cover from a public restroom to remove the excess oil. The lightweight tissue works essentially like any oil blotting sheets; they soak up unwanted oil without removing make-up & give you a fresh, clean look.

Ok that was a great fun fact but here's the real DID YOU KNOW...

Although toilet seat covers in public bathrooms make great, oily blotters for that unsightly shine, their dispensers have been tested and proven to be some of the dirtiest surfaces in public bathrooms. How?? Besides having contact with nearly ever person's hands that comes through that stall, it is constantly sprayed with icky toilet water. When a toilet is flushed, it sprays millions of toilet water molecules into the air. Many of those molecule's landing pad is that dispenser and grossly that small section of exposed seat covers.

The moral of this story - Toss the FIRST sheet regardless if you're going to use it to cover your bum or wipe your face. Although the sheet covers don't protect against disease according to Wikipedia, the entire purpose of them is to shield you from cooties; ie - the conceptual contact with the bodily exudation's of strangers. Essentially they do no good if you don't peel away and disregard the first sheet. And god forbid you put that first sheet anywhere near your face.


  1. so gross - but good info; thanks Hailey!

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