Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top iPhone Apps for Kids

Babble recently did a survey of their Top 50 Mom Bloggers asking them to pinpoint their favorite must-have mom product. There were a wide range of answers from Aden + Anais swaddlers to baby wipes. But ironically there was one answer that popped up over and over, and it might not be what you’d think.

Drumroll please.......the surprising #1 can’t-live-without mom product is - the iPhone! Yep, beyond baby swings and pacifier clips, modern moms are praising technology for getting them through their day. Most claimed they simply "can't live without it." And if it wasn’t the iPhone, bloggers claim that any cell phone or iPod Touch does the trick.

I'll admit, I fall victim to being attached to my iPhone. Don't judge. It is what it is. I however haven't gotten to the point that I need to rely on apps to entertain Chase - and I personally don't know if I want to even go there. Barney on YouTube so far has been the extent of our cell phone entertainment. I absolutely see the benefit of apps as they have the potential to entertain a child through an evening out for dinner or simply give you 5-10 minutes of alone time but when I see a child glued to the phone, I begin to wonder...

But then again, to each their own. If you're in need of some entertaining, educational kid-friendly apps, here is a list that Heather Leister, The iPhone Mom, put together for Babble.com:

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