Monday, May 14, 2012

If you do one thing this week...


This week I encourage you to bring back the art of having fun without any electronic thingamajigs. Think about your week ahead and carve out at least 30 minutes doing outdoor activities that will have the young and the young-at-heart jumping for joy.

My own personal observation is that parents nowadays don't partake in outdoor activities with their children like they used to. And should. I believe the majority of parents (some - not all) see their time shuttling the kids to and from practice, tutoring, music, etc as all they should do.

Sure you are spending time with them but is it quality time?

Through the eyes of a child, quality time spent is actually getting down at their level. Those moments that in five, ten, twenty years from now they will say, "Remember when we used to climb that big tree and pick the apples? That was so fun." Or "Remember when Dad used to throw the worst spirals?" Those are the times they will never forget.

I vividly remember my dad coming home from work and within five minutes was out in the front swinging the jump rope with us. Riding bikes. Throwing the Frisbee. Hopscotch. Tag.

Oh how I loved tag.

Duck duck goose. Kick ball. "Horse" on the b-ball court. Relay races.

I think I loved relay races the most.

You get the picture. They will be grown and gone before you know it.

Here are three versions of tag to get you started this week interacting with your littles:

1) "Manhunt:" Each time the player who is “it” tags a person, that person must link arms with the “it” kid (or another kid in the chain) and run with him. This continues until the last tagged child is added to the mob.

2) "Tornado Tag:" The “it” player can tag others only while he is spinning around with outstretched arms.

3) "Shadow Tag:" The “it” player tags other kids by stepping on their shadows. (Note: There is some degree of trust involved in this version. It might be wise to have someone stand in as the referee.)                          

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