Friday, May 4, 2012

Fancy Friday: a MUST have

Alright all you heelaholics - you might just have found a new best friend. This week's fancy friday is all about Fab Feet's Blisstick - the invisible, protable, easy to use, no mess, heel protector!!

What does this lifesaver do?

1) Forms invisible barrier between skin and shoes to help eliminate rubbing and chaffing
2) Helps prevent blisters and calluses from forming

Say goodbye to those annoying, hurtful first-time wearing blisters that ruin your night and have you hobbling for days after.

Or what about those first few days of wearing flip flops? Especially the rubbery kind. Talk about chaffage on the upper foot. Wipe out the blisstick for this too!
To use it all you have to do is apply it wherever irritation occurs, you can use it anytime to soothe and moisturize skin, and reapply when needed.

Available at Target for $7.99. It's on an end cap in the shoe section.

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  1. you can also use Runner's Glide if you run out. I live by Runner's Glide for my races and fun summer shoes.