Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring's JEWELRY trends

Does your jewelry box need a refresh for Spring? Want to add some fun pieces to your collection? Accessories are an inexpensive way to stay current and add life to some old staples in your closet.

Aside from my wedding ring, I rarely get compliments on jewelry unless it's the $8.99 pair of earrings from Brass Plum (Young Miss section at Nordstrom) or Target. Go figure. In fact, places like Kohls and Old Navy have a great selection of fashion jewelry that are cute and affordable enough to buy for that one shirt or dress.

Below are the three key spring trends and a small collection of what Target has to offer. Where else right?!?!

I personally am diggin' the Geometric collection.

1) Colorful Stones: Color is in season! So whether you’re looking to brighten up your jewelry box or add punch to a neutral outfit, turn on the shine with these eye-popping stones. Nature, meet color.

1. Gold Wired Green Agate Earrings 2. Sequin Gold Two Strand Green Necklace 3. 5-pc. Stack Colored Bangles 4. Textured Layered Stretch Wide Band Ring – Coral 5. Color Stone Rings – Multi 6. In Store Only 7. In Store Only 8. Yellow Gold Citrine Earrings 9. Global Girlfriend Green Good Harmony Glass Strand Necklace 10. Gold Over Silver Hammered Carnelian Ring 11. 5 Row Bezel Satin Bracelet – Gun Metal 12. Gold Over Silver Amethyst Necklace 13. Target Peridot 2 Row Crystal Bezel Stretch Ring 14. Target Abalone Silver Plated Earrings 15. Gold Cuff with Wird Agate 16. Sterling Silver Round Red Jasper Earrings 17. Sterling Silver Dome New Ring – Jade
 2) Minimalistic Muse: Sometimes subtle is stunning. It was Coco Chanel who said to “always take one thing off before leaving the house.” But if you won’t part with your baubles, then keep it simple. From a single gold chain to a brushed silver ring, these classic trinkets can strike a perfect balance.

1. Silver Tapered Ring 2. Gold Over Silver Ball Stud Earring 3. 10k Yellow Gold Box Necklace 4. Sequin Gold 3 Row Necklace 5. Wood Ring 6. 14k Yellow Gold Black Onyx Stud Earrings 7. 10k White Gold Stud Earrings 8. Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings in 14k Yellow Gold Setting 9. In Store Only
3) Geometric Gems: Feast your eyes on these architectural gems. From zig-zag earrings to a beaded link necklace, add a distinct edge to your overall look.
1. Color Stone Rings – Silver 2. Long Wood Circle Necklace 3. Geometric Metal Hoop Earrings – Gold 4. Cubic Zirconia Pave Link Bracelet – Gold 5. Glass Beads Link Necklace – Burgundy 6. In Store Only 7. 14k Gold Over Silver Hammered Disc Earrings 8. Natural Horn and Brushed Bracelet 9. Target Gold Open Work Cuff Bracelet 10. In Store Only 11. Gold Over Silver Dangle Earring 12. Wood and Shell Stretch Bracelet


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