Thursday, April 26, 2012

Must Do: Personalized Alphabet Book

Saw this idea on Pinterest and became inspired.

And no don't go searching for my Pinterest page. I don't have one. How does anyone find the time??? I think I'm a pretty ahh-mazing multi-tasker but the thought of adding a Pinterest page to my to-do list makes my head spin. And yes, pretty much everything I do gets put on a list to be checked off. Just how I roll. Over the top? Alittle. But highly effective. You should try it.

Moving on.

How cute is this personalized alphabet book? If you've never checked out "Modern Parents, Messy Kids" blog, I highly suggest you do. It was named one of the top 50 Craft Blogs for 2012 by There are so many ideas for DIY projects and activities for the kids and organization tips.

But don't you start reading that over HHH. I'm watching you. ;)

The purpose of this alphabet book is to get your child excited about reading and to become familiarized with the letters of the alphabet with personal objects or experiences that are salient to your child. For my Chase it would be: A for Ambulance. L for Lightning McQueen. S for Swim Lessons. F for Firetruck. All big things in a 3 year olds world.

If you're inspired to make your kid(s) their own personal alphabet book, I suggest spending a little more money for a hard cover. You don't want the kid's ripping the cover of this adorable keepsake. I like Blurb for creating online books but I know Snapfish and Shutterfly always have really good sales on photo books. In fact, Shutterfly is advertising a 50% off photo book sale from now until May 2nd.

If you wish to see MPMK's entire alphabet book for ideas, click HERE.

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