Friday, October 28, 2011


Friday already?!?! Thank goodness. My week was filled with nothing but medical crap. From my 6 month old pulling all-nighters because of Croup and countless tests to diagnose a stomach infection that hit me hard last Sunday. Despite the not-so-fun stuff, my fancy was still tickled - aka; to enjoy, adore or be satisfied by.

This week it's LANTERNS.

I was so inspired by the above picture I found on Pinterest. How fabulously simple is that front porch decor using lanterns and candles? Keep the pumpkins through Thanksgiving then swap them out for glittery ball ornaments or pine cones for Christmas and change the candles to red. I'm sold.

Side-note: No, I do not have a personal Pinterest page. I think I might be the only girl on the face of this planet that doesn't. Why you ask? To be honest, I've deliberately stayed away from the monster. Now I know all you Pinners are thinking I'm totally missing out but for my addictive personality, it screams "Stay the hell away!" I'm not saying it won't happen in the future but for now, I'll stick to browsing when I have a free minute.

Ok back to Lanterns...

Having a party? Lanterns are an easy decoration for table centerpieces and add a whimsical, glowing effect when you hang them from tree branches.

To add lanterns to your holiday decor repertoire, you can find the classic set of three at Pottery Barn. The initial purchase will set you back a little money but they are timeless accents that you'll be able to use for years to come.

If you're looking for smaller lanterns and don't want to spend a ton, I noticed on Tuesday that Ikea has out their small tea-light lanterns (available in white, chrome, black and red) for $3.99 in their holiday section.

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