Thursday, October 13, 2011

MUST HAVE: Beauty Trimmer

Ok so you're going to learn a tid-bit of personal information about myself that may have you thinking I'm a total whack job but this is pertinent background information for this post...

I detest body hair. And no I'm not just talking about nasty back hair on men. I'm talking about my own body hair.

It started at an early age. My mom refused to let me shave until I was in 6th grade. She says she was protecting my youth. Yay-yay. As if the pre-teen years weren't the most self-conscious, awkward times in and of themselves, I strutted around with an excessive amount of glowing platinum blonde hair on my arms and legs. And peach fuzz like crazy. Ohhh how I hated that stuff. On my face, neck, earlobes, tops of my toes, small of my back, around my belly button. And no I didn't have a hormone imbalance. I can't tell you how bad I wanted to punch people in the face when they'd say - "at least it's blonde." {scream}

You better believe the day before my first day of 6th grade, I stood in the shower for hours ridding my legs and toes of this unwanted hair. Happiest day ever. It was then in the 10th grade, I shaved my arms. Yep, you read right - I shave my arms. And hands. And tops of my fingers. Not that I have a ton; it's just I don't want any.

Thanks to my Clio Beauty Trim (a MUST HAVE), I am able to get a precise shave on the delicate areas with the extra fine, stainless steel blade that painlessly trims unwanted hair quickly and effectively. What I love about this grooming tool, is I can take it anywhere. It's perfectly sized for travel and only takes one 'AAA' battery. Great for eyebrows, ears, tip of your nose, chin, upper lip, toes, tops of your fingers, bikini line and neck.

Oh and speaking of necks; there's nothing worse than a man with a hairy neck. C'mon ladies, help a brotha out and keep your man looking well groomed in-between trips to the Barber Shop. This grooming tool works wonders on cleaning him up in seconds which is another reason this is a MUST HAVE product.

You can find the Clio Beauty Trim on Target shelves for $7.99.


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