Friday, October 7, 2011


Gosh it feels like forever ago that I did a Fancy Friday post. Sorry. I know it's one of your favorite posts but I've been really trying to focus more on my family and being "present" with my kids. This entails not being glued to my computer. The result; less blogs but less stress. To refresh your memory; this post is about something that tickled my fancy (aka; to enjoy, adore or be satisfied by ) during the week.

Something this week that tickled my decor senses was Urban Outfitters online home catalog. Most of you know Urban Outfitters as a funky, trendy clothing store. What you might not know is they carry an extensive line of home decor products ranging from kitchen and bath accessories to bedding and furniture. Just like their clothing, Urban Outfitters offers a home line that is a collaboration of vintage, bohemian, retro, and hipster. Curious what that all means? Check out their website under 'Apartment' and the items will speak for themselves. You will be pleasantly surprised at all the eclectic pieces. They offer free returns and free shipping on orders over $50 everyday.

Some of my particular favorites:

Zig Zag Printed Rug $39-69 depending on size

Vintage Wood Calendar Chalkboard $49.00

Industrial Stencil Letter $8.00

Big Garden Printed Rug $34.00

Ziggy Chair $279 (comes in 6 different colors)

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