Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This or That???

I'm obsssssessed. And you will be too once you get your hands (or boobs) on this bra! I've never been one to spend big money on workout clothes. Especially when I don’t think it really makes a difference whether you have the expensive stuff or the affordable stuff. Honestly the girls at the gym all done up aren't there to work-out, they're there to look good. Ummm leave please.

Wait. Time-out. Is it bad that I just said boobs????? I guess breasts are politically correct but that just sounds too formal. Anyway, moving on.

So you could spend $42 on this Lululemon Flow Y Bra IV...

Or you can spend $16.99 at Target on essentially the same thing - the C9 by Champion Fashion Seamless Cami.

I'll take the C9 in every color!! Everything about the C9 by Champion Fashion Cami is perfect. Why they call it a cami is beyond me. It's a bra. It's extremely versatile and the stretchy Nylon/Spandex material is uber comfortable. It even has adjustable straps so you can get the perfect fit. Most all other sports bras are too bulky and don't breathe well. This is just the opposite. It's surprisingly supportive and has a moisture wicking, dry duo material that doesn't make you feel like sweat is puddling up in between your boobs. Breasts. Whatever. The seamless, stretchy fabric is even comfortable enough to wear all day, everyday if you chose. It also looks A-dorable under a little tank top and yoga pants if you're wanting to rock the "Sporty Spice" look. (Whatever happened to her anyway??)

So now that I've talked this bra up like it's the best thing since sliced bread, you've got to go pick yourself up the C9 by Champion Seamless Fashion Cami ($16.99, Target).

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