Wednesday, May 4, 2011

FASHION 101: Capri Pants

As I was swapping out the pregnancy clothes and organizing my closet the other day, I realized that I have a crazy amount of capri (mid-calf) pants. Which got me thinking; are capri pants even still in style??? After some research on some credible fashion websites, the answer is YES! Phew.

For the past few years the go-to pant has been the skinny jean and cigarette-leg pant, but as far as fashion trends in 2011 go there are some new alternatives. PRAISE GOD! The revival of 70s fashion puts bell bottoms and flared pants high on the list of styles to invest in, yet it goes without saying that a wide leg isn't for everyone. So if you're looking for an alternative to both the skinny pant and the wide legged interpretation, particularly one that works better with flat shoes as flares often don't, then they claim the capri pant is one you'll want to embrace as we move into the summer months.

There are several different cuts to the capri pant in 2011:

•Pants that are cropped only ever so slightly, to sit just above the ankle.
•More traditional capri pants cut three-quarter, though in 2011 you'll see more cut just below the calf than ones that are mid-calf.
•Slim-cut pants that are rolled up to sit above the ankle (a great alternative if you want to give a fresh take to some of your skinnies rather than invest in specifically cropped pairs).

Ways to Wear in 2011:

Take the old and make it into something new. Last year’s Betty Draper style of the 50s is still trendy today. Pair your capri pants with flats or kitten heels. Pair it with a bow tie top for that ladylike feel. Throw out an outfit that is simple and clean for a sophisticated look.

The punk look is still massive this year. Pair your skinny capris with leather jackets for that punk/biker look. Add some metallic accessories with studs for a more grunge look. The key to this look is using leather fabric.

The minimalist style (my favorite) is still one of the major trends to watch out for. Try to go minimalist by wearing a slim fit capris in dark tones and pair it with clean style blouses or sharp shoulder jackets.

Like any piece of clothing there are rules to finding the right capri pant that fits your body type. Click here to read about the 4 rules on how to rock the capri pant!

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  1. The punk look is still monstrous. Combine your thin capris with cowhide coats for that punk/biker look. Include some metallic embellishments with studs for a more grunge look. You also take a look in my favorite dress and style. Thank you for posting such content....