Friday, May 20, 2011

Graduation PAR-TAY

Yesterday I received several texts and emails thanking me for the graduation gift idea post. I'm so happy I could help relieve some stress on that end. From that post another cry for help surfaced - the graduation party. What to serve? Decorations? If you're looking for a little party planning motivation, here are a few ideas and websites I personally love;

For menu ideas and recipes; check out
This site is also a great reference for recipes, activities, and fun drink ideas.

For tips on how to streamline your party planning; check out this article from Real Simple Magazine. Follow her advice and you might just enjoy the days leading up to the party!

My absolute favorite party planning website however is Hostess with the Mostess. This site is truly inspiring - and a tad overwhelming. It is though the ultimate website if you want to replicate a party theme or need inspiration on how to display food or desserts. Their tagline: "Entertaining with a modern twist." Check it out -

Want to be a little more creative than a store bought sheet cake for dessert? I'm a big fan of an ice cream sundae bar. It serves as both a dessert and an "activity" for the guests. All you need is some chocolate sauce, nuts, whip cream and some candy in the school colors to make your dessert table a hit! The timing of ice cream and keeping it cold however is definitely more high maintenance than just plopping a cake down on the table. To eliminate this problem, you need to serve your ice cream in individual glass jars or glasses. To do this, you need to scoop small balls of ice cream the night before into tupperware (make a single layer) and put in the freezer. You will also need to freeze the empty mason jars/glass in the freezer the night before. The day of, place the ice cream scoops in the mason jars (really frozen ice cream keeps the jars clean from drips.) Then put the serving tray right back in the freezer until you are ready to serve. This fun twist on ice cream makes both preparing ahead and serving a cinch. Both kids and adults love concocting their own ice cream sundae.

Another creative idea and a fun twist on a guest book, is to make a Good Luck jar. This will leave the graduate with plenty of well wishes and encouraging words to send them into their next adventure.

All you need is a large mason jar (you can find at Target or Ikea) and decorate as you wish. Then supply your guests with a paper and pen to write their good luck wishes on. So simple!

And my last tip: HAVE IT CATERED!!!! You may spend a little more but it will save you on the stress. It doesn't have to be elaborate. Mexican is always a hit and pretty cheap too. Best of luck in planning a smashing Graduation party!


  1. Thanks!!! You're a lifesaver!!

  2. Really helpful ideas! Planning to organize a graduation party for my niece. Will be arranging it at one of venue Houston next month. All her friends will be coming for the party. Hope everyone will enjoy the day and will be memorable for them.