Friday, May 13, 2011


Fuel costs are ridiculous as of late. And I've heard that they will most likely rise over $5.00 this summer. Yikes. I'm wishing now we had a Vespa and a Prius instead of two gas guzzling SUV's. Yeah, with two kids, strollers, diaper bags, and all the other crap I lug around, that will never happen. My alternative? Get really savvy on what gas stations have the cheapest gas.

Side note: I flippin' HATE getting gas. I'll run my tank with the red light on for so long I am biting my nails wondering if I'm going to make it to the nearest gas station. Then I end up kicking myself for being forced to get the most expensive gas in town. Usually at some Chevron right off the freeway. Not the place you want to stop if you're looking to save $$$.

This past week my husband discovered a cell phone app called GasBuddy. In just one click, you can locate gas stations nearest you and see their current gas prices.

How it works: GasBuddy is a community of users working together to update gas prices to help everyone save on gas (Gas prices for USA and Canada only). This guarantees up to the minute accurate gas prices. This is a FREE app that according to the Apple iPhone store, has received 5/5 stars from 7,177 ratings. You can either just use it to research the best prices nearest you or you can go one step further - If you become a member and you update or report a gas price, you can earn points toward prize give-away entries. You could win a $250 gas gift card every week.

My take on the app: I'm a fan. Great for travelers, especially now that spring is in the air and happy families and adventure seekers are hitting the road. And while it’s good for what it does, it does have a few flaws. All of the GasBuddy price updates are submitted by users. If no GasBuddy member updates the system with price changes, then the info will be inaccurate. That leads to numerous stations in the search results with wrong prices or no prices listed whatsoever.

GasBuddy does give a good representation of prices in a general area, and the mapping features available are very handy, especially for a traveler is in a strange area. For people doing a lot of traveling, this app will pay for itself…and that’s good, cause it’s FREE! But the average user may not see much use in it. Does it really matter that a station three miles away has gas that’s 2 cents per gallon cheaper? A 15 gallon fill up will save you 30 cents. That will make a difference over time, but people who have gas sipping cars or who drive little, this will be meaningless. But all in all, given the price of the app, the price of gas, and the potential to avoid running out of gas somewhere and getting the cheapest gas around, this is a worthwhile app to have on your mobile device. So save some coin and make GasBuddy your buddy!!

Download the GasBuddy app on your iPhone, Android and Windows. Don't see your device? Visit from any mobile device!

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